I think we all, in some way, whether we admit it or not, want to know God in some way shape or form. At the very least we want to know he exists, that there is a purpose to our lives, that he loves and cares for us. But how can we even begin to know that given the evidence (or some would say lack of evidence) for his existence? Life can seem so random at times it’s hard to imagine anyone has an actual plan in all this. But God does, and more than that, He has a contingency plan for when we derail that plan with our sin. The truth is you can have a real relationship with God and Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Here are Five Things You Can Do Right Now to improve your relationship with God.

Let Go of Your Expectations

Look, you’ve tried to fit God into your box before and it hasn’t worked. Forget about what you think God should be and try and experience Him for what he is. He wants you to know him and He wants to give you His spirit. The problem is we let our own expectations dictate how we think He should act and then get upset when He doesn’t act that way. Let Him be who He is. Goodness, love, mercy, justice, grace.

Let go of your past experiences

If you’ve ever experienced God in some way in the past it’s tempting to try and recreate that experience. We want to connect with God the way we did on such-and-such a date. But God might want to connect with you in a completely new way. The unchanging one is making all things new, so why would he want to recreate an experience you had at a different stage in your life? You are a new creation today who has brand new mercies extended to you, embrace that and find what God wants to show you today.

Read Your Bible

Seriously, I don’t know a single person who reads their bible everyday and doesn’t believe in and have a relationship with God. Maybe you are the exception, but probably not. Read through the book of Acts and see who God revealed Himself to be to the early church. He is still that God and he wants to move just as powerfully in your life!

Invite the Holy Spirit

God wants to be welcome in your life. Put aside all your sin and shame and invite the Holy Spirit into your life! He has grace and forgiveness for you. It’s as simple as literally saying “I invite you now, Holy Spirit. Come and live in me.” You may feel something, you may not. Not everyone does, at least not the first time. But He is faithful and good and he wants to speak to and interact with you.

Pray with Other Believers

Seriously, a great way to hear God’s voice is to hang around and pray with people He is likely to speak through. Be warned, this will hold your life to new levels of accountability you might not feel ready for. But remember that there is no shame in the cross. The Holy Spirit doesn’t want to make you feel guilty, he wants you to feel free. If you are feeling an abundance of guilt try giving into the Holy Spirit’s leading and experience the freedom that comes from confession and accountability.

Whatever you do, do it with God at the forefront of your intentions. Remember that He made you, He loves you, and He wants a relationship with you. Where our human fathers often fail us God won’t. Be blessed this week.

Pastor Jeff